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Health Care Reform Florida

Healthcare Reform: A Bonus for Small Business!

by Blake Ryan on 09/09/13

Healthcare reform is officially known as the Affordable Care Act. The new law opens for enrollment October 1st, 2013. Small business owners in Florida with 50 or less employees will receive an unexpected bonus to their bottom line. The health insurance plans in the federal exchange will have more complete and far reaching benefits than existing health coverage.

Furthermore, the new benefits will be considerably less costly for lower and moderate income employees. The Affordable Care Act requires a coverage subsidy to be based on the income of each employee.  Single employees with incomes up to $46k and families under $96k are granted subsidies to help pay for their cost health insurance premiums. The subsidy is paid by the federal government.

Those small businesses with the majority of employees with salaries in this range will have an unexpected incentive to drop their group health insurance coverage. Simply put, the Affordable Care Act is a better deal. The employees of small businesses in Florida obtain not just better coverage, but rather coverage that is back by federal law.

Starting Jan 1st 2014, the effective date of the Affordable Care Act health insurance will no longer contain pre-existing health clauses. Health coverage from this point forward becomes guaranteed issue, with no annual limitations. The new law has a set of 10 essential benefits to insure uniformity among health plans of insurance carriers. Lastly, Small businesses and their employees are likely to find increased disposable income which just may lift this economy out of recession.

Author by Healthcare Reform Florida, a Florida based insurance agency specializing in the education, enrollment and service of consumers for the federal health insurance exchange. The marketplace of health insurance carriers for the Affordable Care Act.

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